• Transcription
  • Proofreading (editing, formatting, spelling and grammar checks)
  • Email management
  • Calendar management (appointment scheduling)
  • Creation and management of spreadsheets
  • Bill Paying
  • Invoice management
  • PowerPoint presentation creation
  • Newsletters (drafting, distributing, analytics, database management)
  • Databases (design and manage)
  • Promotional materials (design and negotiations with vendors)
  • Travel planning (individual or group including detailed itineraries)
  • Event organization and advertising


  • Social media accounts (create, update and maintain)
  • Development of social media branding
  • Audience engagement (Q&A and replies to posts and messages)
  • Management of Facebook group/fan page/business page
  • Tagging and hashtag use to promote growth
  • Management of social media contests
  • Content relativity to ensure growth of media outreach
  • Analytics on social growth and audience reach


  • Website creation/design/development/maintenance
  • Customer service (calls, follow up, billing, etc.)
  • Internet research
  • Management of Facebook group/fan page/business page


Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

  • Reduce operating costs
    • no paying health/medical care
    • no paying sick leave, casual leave, short term disability, personal leave, long term care insurance, paid family leave, retirement
    • no payroll taxes
    • no training required
    • no office space or related expenses
  • More time for your family and friends
  • Strengthen a weak area
    • bridge skill gaps in your company
  • Increase efficiency
    • maximize business efforts
    • save a significant amount of time which you can focus on your core business activities
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