Rob Geiger
Owner, Geiger Media Global

Nicci has become an integral part of my company and my personal business because she is 100-percent trustworthy, very attentive and intuitive, incredibly hard working and eager to help in any matter. I happily give her my full endorsement as a personal assistant.

Amber Bender
President, Addi's Faith Foundation

Nicci is a true find! She is extremely knowledgeable about the digital world and can help manage what can often feel daunting to many. She is organized, creative, and very responsive. Nicci is so easy to work with and has made my life a lot easier!

James Campbell
Owner, California Fire and Safety Specialists
and Professional Funny Car Driver

Nicci has been my PR and Social Media consultant for the past 2 years. She has an amazing attention to detail and a professional attitude that is unmatched. I am a professional racecar driver in the NHRA, and did not understand how much time, effort and dedication it takes to keep up on today’s social media. Without her I would be lost.

Nicci demonstrates an excellent work ethic, is self-motivated, reliable and thorough. Her communication skills are excellent and she shows attention to detail and quality.

Nicci will be a valuable asset for whomever she works with. I highly recommend her services without reservation.
Lee Berlad, M.D.
Neurological Surgery
(employed by my practice from 2008-2018

Nicci’s transcription services simply could not be better. She is fast, thorough, confidential, smart, and very easy to work with. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Moe Ross
CEO, Miographies

Jack Beckman
Owner, Beckman Motorsports and Professional Funny Car Driver

For a living, I drive a 330 mph race car. In order to win, everyone on the team must put in a near-perfect effort. If the team gives me a great car and I make a mistake, we lose. If I drive perfectly but something is wrong with the car, we lose. We all have to give our best effort, every day.

When it comes to social media, I know nearly nothing. I do know that there are experts out there, and I picked the perfect person to handle my content. Nicci is thorough, timely, appropriate and insightful…she absolutely understands the concepts and applies them correctly every day, every time.

It would be speculation for me to say that Nicci is the best in the world at what she does. But, I’m completely convinced that there is no one out there better than her. Period.