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You are just one click away from making your life so much easier.
We are the personal assistants you've always dreamed of, ready to handle all your needs.


MOVE Those Time Consuming Items Off Your Desk
And Put Them On "Nicci's Desk"

Let Nicci's Desk Take Care Of Those Tasks

We meet the deadlines for you, prepare and organize the materials and ensure you are prepared for your important meetings and events.
Freeing up your time will allow you to focus on priorities while we take care of the details for you.


Contact “Nicci’s Desk” to discuss how we can aide in your success


We will define your targets and goals together


Implement the processes to realize a successful outcome


Deliver end products that provide the edge you are seeking

email management
And Filtering

Digital File Management (Dropbox, Google Drive)

Travel Planning
and Booking

Presentation Preparation
and Website DESIGN

Customized SUPPORT to

achieve your goals






"For a living, I drive a 330 mph race car. In order to win, everyone on the team must put in a near-perfect effort. If the team gives me a great car and I make a mistake, we lose. If I drive perfectly but something is wrong with the car, we lose. We all have to give our best effort, every day.

When it comes to social media, I know nearly nothing. I do know that there are experts out there, and I picked the perfect person to handle my content. Nicci is thorough, timely, appropriate and insightful...she absolutely understands the concepts and applies them correctly every day, every time.

It would be speculation for me to say that Nicci is the best in the world at what she does. But, I'm completely convinced that there is no one out there better than her. Period."
Jack Beckman
Owner, Beckman Motorsports
Professional Funny Car Driver


Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

  • Reduce operating costs
    • no paying health/medical care
    • no paying sick leave, casual leave, short term disability, personal leave, long term care insurance, paid family leave, retirement
    • no payroll taxes
    • no training required
    • no office space or related expenses
  • More time for your family and friends
  • Strengthen a weak area
    • bridge skill gaps in your company
  • Increase efficiency
    • maximize business efforts
    • save a significant amount of time which you can focus on your core business activities